Creating an Unified Branded Ecosystem
UX/UI • Design

About the Project

Creation of a cohesive brand to be applied to all entities, a refreshed website, and comprehensive site structure.
Unite the MCkesson Brand,The original website navigation made it confusing and difficult for engineers to find the products they were looking for, and failed to create an easy place to begin. Furthermore, only one main path was provided into the product selection of over 50,000 parts.

Provide every business unit the tools they need, With so many parts available, parametric search is one of the industries preferred way to find products. In addition to a more usable parametric search, International Rectifier was interested in integrating some of this functionality into its education pages. This allows users to dive into products from any point within the site.

Create an easily navigable experience, The majority of semiconductors website looks very similiar and even use similiar color schemes, making it difficult for a company to differentiate itself from its competitors. Although the site should contain similar features in order to remain competitive, International Rectifier needed additional features to prove unique.


The homepage creates a base for the McKesson brand and structure that users can identify with, and business units can adhere to.


With the introduction of a mega menu and strict structure, McKesson is able to encourage good design decisions with the addition of new pages, while showing an easily navigable experience to its users.