Top-to-Bottom Rearchitectures
UX/UI • Design

About the Project

Exemplis needed to reposition their brand in order to better compete in the marketplace. Even with a great product lineup, they were not recognized in the industry. The entire product catalogs expressed in an invigorated brand and eCommerce experience as a result of new site architecture, visual design and customization modules.

Clear & Simple

For users who are interested in browsing Exemplis’ database of materials, we introduced an interface that allows mixing and matching products and featuress.
Search functionality, sorting, and filtering allow directed users to quickly and easily find the textiles they are searching for.
Large clear thumbnails, broken into textile categories, allowing for users to browse through the materials database.

Content Richn

The previous product page lacked the nesesary details to help users make a purchase decision. With the new design features and specs were added in an easy-to-navigate interface as well as a 360-degree view of the product. Large clear imagery was was used to shocase products in an enviroment.