Harnessing the Power of Brands to Create
a Unified Shopping Experience

UX/UI • Design

About the Project

There are a total of six separate sites (3 brand sites, 3 e-commerce sites) that make up the online world of TaylorMade, adidas Golf and Ashworth Golf (TMaG). Each site was developed individually and does not co- exist with the other properties. Facing weekly challenges of updating the separate sites on separate systems, TMaG needed to find a solution where the six separate sites are unified into one experience – both from the end-user and from the internal maintenance standpoint. They needed to create some efficiencies in their process as well as promote the sister brands to expand their brand story.

Project Objectives

Build a brand ecosystem
The ability to shop all three brands under one roof is a major benefit to the consumer, yet a challenging design task. The design made sure all three brands could differentiate themselves within the same space, yet contribute to one another.

Make emotional impact
These three brands are all about golf, and so are their customers. It was important to bring more to the table than golfing apparel, but to also connect them with golfing on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Deliver a seamless shopping experience
While the consumer must be able to differentiate between all three brands, they also need to be able to make a single purchase. We made sure all three brands could be combined into a single checkout process.

Bringing It All Together

Homepage design allowed for all three brands to express their own look and feel, while sharing a common template. A consumer could easily switch between all three brands in a snap, and TMaG could update content with ease.

Emotionally Charged Sales Opportunity

Tour pages, which included player pages - a place where consumers could connect with their favorite golfers while also engaging in the shopping experience. A player page includes stats and information about each individual pro golfer, in addition to the products they use and clothing they wear - all available for purchase.

Purchasing Made Easy

The checkout process is the bridge between the microsites of three brands into a single shopping experience. All interactions, from adding to the shopping cart and completing an order, successfully unify the checkout process.